July 22nd 2017 Show

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Fun  show today! Several callers on multiple topics

We had a Too funny discussion on LEGOs and new realistic weapons for play.


July 15th Show

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July 8th 2017 Show

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Fun Show Today!

Thank you to our listeners and callers! and to Senator Patrick Colbeck for calling in to invite us to the “Official Start” to his run for Michigan Governor


July 1st 2017 Show

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Not The Problem!


June 24th Show

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We had a fun show today with the Tom from Northfield  in Studio with me to discuss his ballistic testing methods and results.  I have some images I took of the results of his testing.

SigV-Crown 357 Mag

Hornady Critical Duty 357 Mag

Gorilla Round 45 acp Long barrel

Gorilla Round 45 acp Lower velocity

Gorilla Round 45 acp Lowest velocity

Federal Hydra-Shock 357 Mag

Federal HST 38 Special +P Not actual performance (Petals manually straightened out)

Winchester Ranger T-series 45 acp Law enforcement round

Federal HST 45 acp Civilian round

G2 Technologies DRT without an added initiator

G2 Technologies DRT with an added initiator

I mentioned last week the problem we had with our Ruger Mark III 22/45’s feeding  the Remington Golden Bullets at Women on Target. These are the pictures of Fishmouths of the bullet when it hit the feed ramp

We also had dozens of failure to fire and when I pulled the bullet and looked in the case each failure was due to primer material not being spread evenly around the rim. In the case where the firing pin hit in the voided area the gun would not fire. This picture shows the primer void highlighted with the blue line and the red circle is when the firing pin hit the rim.

These are the other topics we discussed this week, please click on the link to the Pew Poll, it seems to be a reasonable attempt at a fair poll!

Link to Pew Poll on Guns


June 17th 2017 Show

Sorry for the delay, sometimes life gets in the way of my hobbies. Show Files are now up on Podcast Page!


June 10th 2017 Show!

Show files are up on the Podcast page!

Women on Target is complete for another year! What a fun time with all the Lady Shooters out at Tri-County Sportsmen’s League.  A safe and very educational day for the participants and a lot of good friendship and camaraderie for the Volunteers!

I pre-recorded the show for the 10th because I was at the WOT event at Show time!

See you next week Live!



TriggerTalk Radio June 3rd 2017 Show

Hi Guys!

Fun show(s) this week! I was very happy to fill in for Linda Hughes on her Show “The American Dream”. It is always fun to talk about guns for two hours. Actually I can talk about guns all day, but unfortunately I only get to include you guys on Saturday.

I have put my show files and the American Dream files up on the podcast page for you to listen to!

After the show I took one of my Friends, his Son and future Son-in-law at the range to shoot some guns on Saturday Afternoon.

What a hoot! These are the calibers and guns we shot:

.22lr: Ruger Mark II 678 Target, Ruger Mark IV Hunter, Ruger Single Six 5.5 inch

.380 acp Ruger LCP II

9mm Luger:  Beretta 92FS, Smith and Wesson 5906

.40 S&W: Glock Model 22

.45 acp: Sig Sauer 1911 GSR Match, Springfield Armory XD Compact, Springfield Armory XDS 45.

.38 Special / 357 Magnum: Ruger SP101 2 1/4 inch, Smith and Wesson 586 4 inch

.44 Mgnum: Smith and Wesson 629 6 inch

5.56 NATO: Colt LE 6920 M4 LAW Enforcement Carbine

7.62X39mm: Centurion C39 AK47

7.62 NATO: Remington 700 PSS  (M40 Marine Scout Sniper)

7.62 NATO: PTR 91 (H&K 91 G3 clone)

What a fun time turning $$ into noise!


June 2017 Article: How long since you shot that (insert your gun here)?

Last night I was at a Safety Committee meeting of our gun club where the Chairperson of the various ranges discuss any incidents that took place, damage, required improvements, etc… During the meeting we talked about training and behaviors of shooters. A common observation was that many people are not adequately familiar with their firearms.

One of the attendees relayed that his neighbor has purchased an AR-15 several years ago and had never shot it.  His explanation was that “He bought it and several boxes of ammo just in case things got bad”. This is not only a bad idea but it is the opposite of being prepared leading to a false sense of security and can actually be dangerous.

As more of us shared similar stories of friends and neighbors it became clear we were describing a void in training that needed fixing.  We discussed the available “Military Shoot” matches as a possibility and a planned class by a nationally known instructor, but it was brought up that people were reluctant to display their lack of knowledge and training in front of people that were very practiced and proficient.

Beyond basics like holding the gun correctly, trigger pull, and proper sight picture, do you really know how to “Run Your Gun”?

The great ramp up in semi-automatic rifles in the past several years has meant that many familiar (AR-15) and less familiar (AK47, HK91. Tavor, FN PS90. Galil, SCAR Steyr AUG) and others are often seen at your local range.

The most popular rifle platform in the country is the AR-15 and its many variants.  In the past two of decades tens of millions have been sold and many are still in the box. I will use it for this example, but the discussion applies to all the others as well.

Think about the things you need to know: I have seen people struggle with remembering how to unlatch and pull the charging handle to chamber a round, they can’t find the bolt release and instead accidently drop the magazine on the ground and “What the heck is a forward assist for the bolt do and why do I need one?”

Do you know the difference between Remington .223 and 5.56 NATO ammunition? What is your barrel twist rate? What are the typical bullet weights for different purposes, and why are some painted with a green tip?

Now imagine doing all this under pressure, while you and your family are in danger!

If you have access to a resource such as a qualified instructor you know from the range or gun store, a friend that is very into shooting the type of gun you own, or belong to a sportsmen’s club, ask if there is a basic class in pistols or rifles of the type you own. While you are at it ask about an Armorer’s Course or basic class on disassembly, cleaning and reassembly. Again something you don’t want to learn under fire (figuratively or literally).

Watching a cleaning video on You Tube or even some of the very well done online training videos is good for basic information, but there is no substitute for pulling the trigger often and with great repetition. Get that gun out of the safe, get some training and make some noise, you will be better prepared and your guns will be happier!

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