February 3rd 2018 Show(s)

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Show Files are up on the 2018 Podcast Page:

There are files for both TriggerTalk RAdio and Linda Hughes “The American Dream” Pastor Rick, Phil Stargell and I co-hosted for Linda while She and Thayrone were at “Battle Cry Michigan” the conservative get together  in Mount Pleasant MI Soaring Eagle Casino over last weekend.

My Guest on TriggerTalk this week “Tom from Northfield Township” . Tom is a retired Ford  Dynamometer Technologist with a passion for testing things! He has developed a repeatable test media that simulates testing expansion in ballistic gelatin and also he has a method to simulate the effects of the projectile striking bone has on expansion.  Today we discussed ballistic the performance of 10 different.380 acp rounds.

Posted below are the images and test results from his test procedure:

List of ten rounds tested.

Winchester PDX1 95gr. 1000 fps.

Hornady Critical Defense 90 gr. 1000fps.

Sig Sauer V-Crown 90 gr. 980 fps.

Speer Gold Dot 90 gr. 900 fps.

Federal HST 99 gr. 1030 fps.


Federal Hydra-Shok 90 gr. 1000 fps.

G2 Research Civic Duty 64 gr. 1130 fps.

Underwood Max Expansion 68 gr. 1150 fps.

Cor Bon DPX 80 gr. 1050 fps

Aguila 90 gr. JHP – Did not expand in Dirt, did not perform Bone test

380 Ballistic test results

All of the rounds except for the Aguila expanded in the media that simulates tissue, after the first 4 rounds in the bone test all of the rounds plugged with the media and did not expand at all. The Aguila was not tested in bone due to it’s poor performance on media alone.





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