TriggerTalk Radio October 14th 2017 Show

Had a fun show that went by too fast today!

We had calls, Talked about new guns and old deer rifles. We talked about places to get parts for your guns, including long time out of production guns that are still as good today as they were when new. In many cases the calibers they are chambered in  although considered “Obsolete”  can still be very effective and in fact that is half the fun if you are hand loading your own ammo!

We also talked about the anti-gun groups reaction and proposals following the Las Vegas Shooting, which is still not understood.

I also sat in with Pastor Rick and Phil Stargel on “Than American Dream” for Linda Hughes as she was away on Saturday. Most of the hour we talked about the NFL Protests against the National Anthem.

Both shows are up on the 2017 Podcast Page!




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