October 7th Show

Show files are up on the 2017 Podcast page!

I really enjoyed Today’s Show!

The first two segments I was joined in studio by two charming young ladies. Abigail and Kiera along with Abigail’s Grandmother Maudie and Kiera’s Grandfather Mark . They came to tell us about their Summer Camp experience at the Michigan United Conservation Club’s (MUCC)  “Michigan Out of Doors” Youth Camp.

Link to MUCC Youth Camp Video

Abigail and Kiera were sponsored by Tri-County Sportsmen’s League to attend. You may want to check with your organization, you may already be an MUCC Member and they may have a Youth Sponsorship Program as well!

Remember! Getting our youth involved is the key to maintaining our Outdoor sports and Conswervation of our natural Resources for generations to come!


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