September 30th Show

What a fun show today!

In addition to our regular topics, I had accomplished author Chris Pike on to talk about her book series.

I added this topic because I believe the listeners of this show are of a similar mindset to myself and Chris that we are responsible for ourselves: for Self-protection, our Families and for the Country!

I really enjoyed this book series and invited Chris to come on the show for you all to get a chance to meet her. The character development and story lines draw you in and make you care about the people in her books.

Chris is a Texas born and raised author that grew up with a gun behind every door, much the way that we ourselves experienced our upbringing. She has written a book series that currently is comprised of 4 books with the final book due in February of 2018





Similar books to this Genre include:

One Second After Series by William Forstchen(One Year After, The Final Day)

Patriot Series by James Wesly Rawles ( not EMP, Socio-economic collapse)

Going Home Survivalist Series by  A. American.

Cry Havoc by A. American

Lights out by David Crawford (not Ted Koppel)

The Journey Home series by John Winchester

Dark New World by J. J. Holden & Henry Gene Foster

36 Hours  by Bobby Akart (The Blackout Series, The Boston Brahmin Series, Prepping for Tomorrow Series)

Another Book that I love and would highly recommend is Unintended Consequences by John Ross. Published in 1996, this book speaks volumes for today’s political environment!



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