TriggerTalk Radio June 3rd 2017 Show

Hi Guys!

Fun show(s) this week! I was very happy to fill in for Linda Hughes on her Show “The American Dream”. It is always fun to talk about guns for two hours. Actually I can talk about guns all day, but unfortunately I only get to include you guys on Saturday.

I have put my show files and the American Dream files up on the podcast page for you to listen to!

After the show I took one of my Friends, his Son and future Son-in-law at the range to shoot some guns on Saturday Afternoon.

What a hoot! These are the calibers and guns we shot:

.22lr: Ruger Mark II 678 Target, Ruger Mark IV Hunter, Ruger Single Six 5.5 inch

.380 acp Ruger LCP II

9mm Luger:  Beretta 92FS, Smith and Wesson 5906

.40 S&W: Glock Model 22

.45 acp: Sig Sauer 1911 GSR Match, Springfield Armory XD Compact, Springfield Armory XDS 45.

.38 Special / 357 Magnum: Ruger SP101 2 1/4 inch, Smith and Wesson 586 4 inch

.44 Mgnum: Smith and Wesson 629 6 inch

5.56 NATO: Colt LE 6920 M4 LAW Enforcement Carbine

7.62X39mm: Centurion C39 AK47

7.62 NATO: Remington 700 PSS  (M40 Marine Scout Sniper)

7.62 NATO: PTR 91 (H&K 91 G3 clone)

What a fun time turning $$ into noise!


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