October 22nd Show

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Fun Show Today!

The Democrats are at it again!

Bill to ban assault weapons proposed by Michigan Democrats

A traffic stop in the 600 block of Lincoln Avenue in Flint resulted in the seizure of a 7.62×39 assault rifle. The weapon was fully loaded with a drum magazine and had one round in the chamber from the backseat of the vehicle. The man in possession of the assault rifle was arrested. (Courtesy Photo | Michigan State Police)

A draft version of the bill defines “assault weapon” as a semiautomatic pistol or semiautomatic or pump-action rifle capable of accepting a detachable magazine, that has at least one feature including a pistol grip behind the trigger on a rifle, a shoulder stock on a pistol, a barrel shroud, a muzzle break or compensator, or a protruding grip not held by the trigger hand.

The definition also includes a pistol capable of accepting a detachable magazine in a location outside of the pistol grip, a semiautomatic pistol or “center-fire rifle” with a fixed magazine that can carry more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and a shotgun with a revolving cylinder.

The bill would also make it illegal to possess at the same time a semiautomatic or pump-action rifle, or a semiautomatic pistol capable of accepting a detachable magazine, and a magazine capable of use with that firearm that contains more than 10 ammo rounds.

Robert Wittenberg (D – Oak Park)  was not available for questions Wednesday about the bill, according to a staff member.

The draft version of the bill contains some exceptions and sets requirements for people owning assault weapons before the proposed law’s effective date, including registering the weapon with the Michigan State Police.

The bill would also empower the agency to conduct annual inspections of the gun to ensure safe storage. Once registered, the owner would have to update their registration every year and could only possess it in working order at shooting ranges or their own property, with the transport to and from being unloaded and in a secured container.

A person in violation of the proposed legislation would be guilty of a felony punishable by up to 4 years in prison, a $2,100 fine, or both.

Kalamazoo resident Mike Warren, 33, a member of the Michigan Gun Rights group, said he opposes the bill targeting assault weapons, partly because he believes it would impact law-abiding gun owners more than criminals.

“It’s like a solution looking for a problem,” Warren said. “We don’t have a problem with people killing people with rifles.”

In Michigan, according to 2015 FBI statistics, there were 389 murders with a gun used. Of those, 10 were rifles, the FBI data shows. Another 10 were shotguns, 148 were handguns, and 221 were “unknown” type.

Other bills in the package introduced Oct. 19 would:

  • Require the reporting of stolen or lost ammunition, in a bill sponsored by Rep. Stephanie Chang, D-Detroit.
  • Require the provision of ballistic identification to police before certain sales of handguns, in legislation sponsored by Rep. Townsend.
  • Prohibit and increase penalties for brandishing of an imitation firearm, sponsored by Rep. Wittenberg.
  • Prohibit and provide penalties for altering a firearm or an imitation firearm, sponsored by Rep. Wittenberg.
  • Prohibit and provide penalties for purchasing or attempting to purchase a firearm with the intent to furnish it to a minor or another individual prohibited from having a firearm, in legislation sponsored by Rep. Jon Hoadley, D-Kalamazoo.

Warren said he could support the idea of the bill meant to stop straw purchases for people who aren’t supposed to have a gun, but noted he did not know further details of that bill. He said he could see merit in requiting reporting of stolen or lost ammo, too.

“None of these bills would keep firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens who desire to have them,” Wittenberg said. “However, these proposals will help keep deadly weapons out of the hands of children and others who should never have them, and will help law enforcement resolve cases involving gun violence.”

The bills were introduced on the Day of National Concern — the day that students across the country were to take the Student Pledge Against Gun Violence, according to a news release from the lawmakers.

Listener Bruce requested information on .380 acp selection for Winter usage.



October 15th Show

Hi Guys,

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We talked about several things this morning, Most importantly two new Rugers that are dramatic changes from the original versions. I brought into the Station a brand new LCP II that Ruger just announced this week. Most significantly was the new trigger, but the new sights, last shot hold open, and wider grip all added up to this gun coming home with me on Friday.



Secondly was the Ruger Mark IV Hunter, A fan of this gun for years I have two Mark II Target 678 and love them, but the new take down procedure is a game cahnger on anyone how like to shoot these pistols.



We talked about the way guns are represented in Movies and started a list of Realistic and Unrealistic depictions of Firearms in the Movies.














When I get together with other gun friends we often talk about our favorite war movies, or detective shows as well as things we enjoyed that remind us us fun times in our lives.  I get a lot of fun comments from listeners about the content of the shows and listeners often continue during the week to send me their guesses of which shows the music I played was from if it was not correctly identified during the live broadcast.

This week I did receive one e-mail from a listener that this we have strayed to far from the gun topic. I can understand that and respect his opinion. If you have topics you want to hear about please let me know in advance or call in to the show at 734-822-1600.

You can hit the contact button on the page or e-mail me at dick@triggertalkradio.com


Lastly this week I also brought in some return TV Theme songs just for fun,

#1 Dallas Theme

#2 Love Boat

#3 Cannon

See you next week!




October 8th 2016 Show

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October 1st 2016 Show:

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We had several callers and talked about Wildcat Rounds, Politics and Ignorant restaurant


Mike from Macomb County called in to talk about his latest AR15 build in .277 Wolverine. An aptly named cartridge for those of us living in Michigan. I am talking about the animal not the Football Team! I am a Boilermaker!

.277 Wolverine offers a new opportunity to get some performance out of you AR with only a barrel change. Utilizing 5.56 brass as the parent cartridge you can upgrade to the .277 Wolverine without a bolt or magazine change.

.277 Wolverine (Shown nest to a 5.56 base cartridge)





Speaking of Wildcat Rounds, I have a new favorite:

Behold the .22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer! (note comparison to a 30-06)



September 24th Show

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September 17th 2016 Show

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The Best Thing Ever – Hoppes”9 After Shave!



September 10th Show

Hi Guys!

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Sorry a little late getting the files up this week! Way too busy spent time this  weekend putting  a new roof up on one of our Action Range Bays and then enjoyed myself taking time to participate in a Bowling pin Shoot.

Hey, I get to shoot too, can’t spend all my time just talking about it!.

The Film targeted listed below looks to be a good film on The myths of Gun control. Check your area for a local showing.

Targeted Movie Trailer (Click on Link)




This is neat App and windspeed meter from Nikon




Apparently the eggheads in academia think that you should be 30 to own guns!





An unattributed piece from the editorial board of the Harvard Crimson, the daily paper of the school since 1873, rails against recent campus carry legislation. The argument put forward by the board is one of neurology, that students simply aren’t advanced enough to be trusted with firearms, pointing to scandals involving campus Greek life as an example of youth gone wild.

The frontal lobes, the area of the brain responsible for ultimate decision-making, may not even fully develop until the 30s, and one of the last areas to mature. While this lagged development should not exempt college students from all responsibilities, Texas ought to reconsider the prudence of relying on gun-toting 20-somethings for campus safety.

Guess no one told them that 82.9 percent of those on active duty in the Marines, and 66.3 percent of those in the Army are under the age of 30. Whoops.

Notre Dame

Next up, Stephen Raab, writing for The Observer, the student-run newspaper of Notre Dame & Saint Mary’s, starts off strong with an argument titled “Rage Against the Machine Gun” (coincidentally, Zack de la Rocha just dropped his first solo effort since leaving RATM in 2000) for requiring registration and federal tax stamps for many semi-auto rifles.

Raab errs in that he classifies bolt-action rifles (such as Mauser 98Ks, and Short Magazine Lee Enfields, used during World War II) as “battle rifles,” a term generally used to describe the class of intermediate .30 caliber rifles such as the FN FAL, Beretta BM59 and M14. Then, he lumps them in with semi-autos, citing they were extensively used in combat, when– with the exception of the M1 Carbine and Garand– most shoulder fired weapons used in martial service from 1939-45 that were not bolt-action were select-fire (Thompson M1, MP38/40, M2) or full-auto only (M3 Grease Gun, PPsh-40, et. al).

Acknowledging that civilian semi-auto assault rifle variants (“assault weapons”) are “used in less than two percent of all gun crime” Raab tosses out that they continue to get press and will do so, “In the absence of regulation.”

The regulation he argues for? Repealing the Hughes Amendment, thus making new production machine guns registered under the NFA available to civilians again (woot!), but only after adding your favorite Mini-14 and AR-15 to the same class.

A modernized assault weapons bill should be modeled after an excellent law already on the books — the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934. Passed in the wake of Prohibition-era gang violence, this law severely restricted private ownership of machine guns, explosives, silencers and short-barreled firearms. Though not banned outright, the purchase of such a weapon requires an extensive background check (including photographs and fingerprints), registration and a tax payment. A new bill would elevate assault weapons to this same level of regulation. Neither full-power battle rifles nor fixed-magazine rifles would be affected by this legislation, and the law would not be retroactive.

Raab, is an MSM Candidate at the Mendoza College of Business, and graduated Notre Dame with a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering in 2016.






September 3rd 2016 Show

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August 27th Show

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August 20th Show

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