August 12th Show

Fun show today, many callers with good questions and topics!

I continued the show into a second hour, Linda Hughes asked me to guest host her fine show “The American Dream”. We got to talk about guns and other good topics like Movies, music, etc…

Files for both shows are up on the 2017 podcast page!


August 5th Show

Show files are up on the 2017 Podcast Page!

Fun Show with lots of callers today,  All I had to do was throw out the question “Do you carry with a loaded Chamber?”

Michigan CPL totals went down from last month for the first time in at least 5 years, Is it Seasonal or has the rush to attain it subsided with a Conservative in the Oval Office?

Link to Monthly CPL Report File

Link to 2016 Annual CPL report

We talked about a new Single shot 22 that is the size of a credit card


Shotgun slugs for smooth bores, Have you heard of D Dupleks?

Link to D Dupleks Story




July 29th Show

Show files are up in the podcast page!


July 22nd 2017 Show

Show files are up om the 2017 Podcast Page!

Fun  show today! Several callers on multiple topics

We had a Too funny discussion on LEGOs and new realistic weapons for play.


July 15th Show

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July 8th 2017 Show

Show files are up on the Podcast Page!

Fun Show Today!

Thank you to our listeners and callers! and to Senator Patrick Colbeck for calling in to invite us to the “Official Start” to his run for Michigan Governor


July 1st 2017 Show

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Not The Problem!


June 24th Show

Show Files are up on the Podcast page!

We had a fun show today with the Tom from Northfield  in Studio with me to discuss his ballistic testing methods and results.  I have some images I took of the results of his testing.

SigV-Crown 357 Mag

Hornady Critical Duty 357 Mag

Gorilla Round 45 acp Long barrel

Gorilla Round 45 acp Lower velocity

Gorilla Round 45 acp Lowest velocity

Federal Hydra-Shock 357 Mag

Federal HST 38 Special +P Not actual performance (Petals manually straightened out)

Winchester Ranger T-series 45 acp Law enforcement round

Federal HST 45 acp Civilian round

G2 Technologies DRT without an added initiator

G2 Technologies DRT with an added initiator

I mentioned last week the problem we had with our Ruger Mark III 22/45’s feeding  the Remington Golden Bullets at Women on Target. These are the pictures of Fishmouths of the bullet when it hit the feed ramp

We also had dozens of failure to fire and when I pulled the bullet and looked in the case each failure was due to primer material not being spread evenly around the rim. In the case where the firing pin hit in the voided area the gun would not fire. This picture shows the primer void highlighted with the blue line and the red circle is when the firing pin hit the rim.

These are the other topics we discussed this week, please click on the link to the Pew Poll, it seems to be a reasonable attempt at a fair poll!

Link to Pew Poll on Guns


June 17th 2017 Show

Sorry for the delay, sometimes life gets in the way of my hobbies. Show Files are now up on Podcast Page!